Unique contemporary jewellery

Dominika Kupcova is a designer and maker creating beautiful modern card and silver jewellery in Glasgow

Mint green Twist Brooch in an assymetrical oval shape and twisted linear form. The brooch is standing on the steel pins that make the brooch back. The background is plain white

Dominika Kupcova unique three dimensional jewellery objects are inspired by the structure of DNA. The inspiration is translated into two distinct collections. The Lines Collection of card jewellery made from modern materials of laser cut card and spray paint. The card jewellery is strong and waterproof, and feather light because of the materials. The second is the Silver Collection, which consists of smaller, wearable pieces made from precious metals, predominantly eco recycled silver. Dominika's jewellery makes a perfect gift for yourself or a loved one! The beautiful brooches, pendants and earrings are designed and made by hand by Dominika in a wonderful jewellery studio in Glasgow, Scotland.

Dominika Kupcova in her jewellery studio in Glasgw

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